My Part in The Partnership: Meet Susan and Gary


As we celebrate our 10th birthday, we are proud to honor a couple who not only serves as a role model for our community but who also has been involved with The Partnership from the very beginning. 

As one of our visionary founding Trustees, Gary helped us forge a bold new direction in Jewish identity development and has continued to play a major role in The Partnership's evolution to an organization that reaches over 8,000 families each year through dynamic and engaging Jewish experiences. Gary explained:
"We needed renewed focus, creativity, flexibility and improved messaging. I was fortunate to be among some wonderful leaders who had the foresight, understanding and courage to embrace change in the way our community education institution provided Jewish learning."

Gary and Susan have led at The Partnership through funding to promote the value and practice of Areyvut - Jewish Mutual Responsibility, and as founding members of The Partnership's ATIDIM "Futurists."  ATIDIM are generous people who are optimistic about our future as a Jewish community and who entrust The Partnership with their unrestricted investment to  Bring Jewish Learning to Life.  Gary explains his and Susan's commitment as:

"Jewish learning is critical if we are to be a light to the nations. As ATIDIM members we proudly help to make sure Jewish learning blossoms in Greater MetroWest and our people's mission continues to advance."
Please join us on Tuesday, May 31 as The Partnership celebrates 10 years and honors Susan and Gary Aidekman and their commitment to the community. Click here to RSVP and join in the celebration.
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