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Our Part in The Partnership: Meet Alia and Dan Ramer

aandd.pngEach year The Partnership hosts "Ignite The Light," to honor someone who is an examplar of how to Bring Jewish Learning to Life.  On Monday, June 8th The Partnership is pleased to honor an engaging couple who are a shining example to the Greater MetroWest community.

Alia and Dan Ramer are two amazing people who together create a Jewish environment for their family and the community to flourish.  Both Alia and Dan are very involved and sit on various boards but their biographies only tell part of the story. 
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Jewish Life is Overrated

By Robert Lichtman
Published in eJewish Philanthropy

overrated-300x300.jpgDavid Eagleman wrote a terrific little book, Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives, which considers scenarios for what happens after this life. His very first conception is that we re-live every moment of our lives, the difference being that all the experiences are grouped together by likeness: 200 days in the shower; 5 months on the toilet; 6 weeks waiting for the light to change; 51 days making wardrobe decisions. So how much time might be spent re-living our “Jewish” lives?

It seems that “Jewish” is just another one of those categories, a siloed, isolated slice of life. Not life itself.

So often we use the catch-all expression “Jewish life” when we might mean “communal life,” or “synagogue life,” or “federation life.” Surely these are all aspects of Jewish life, but so is showering, toileting, waiting for green lights and dressing. And love. And work. And money. And politics. And friendships.

There is no such thing as Jewish life.

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image003.JPGA colleague and I were reminiscing about Operation Solomon, the truly remarkable redemption, rescue and resettlement in Israel of thousands of Ethiopian Jews.  This was 1991, and I was Director of Strategic Planning for the MetroWest Federation.  I was in Israel for a month-long program with the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), as part of my responsibility was to oversee the Federation’s allocations to JAFI and the JDC.  Little did I know when I left West Orange that I would be on the receiving end of one of the greatest gifts ever to bless the Jewish people.

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