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Guinness World Record Confirmed!

gsb.pngIT’S OFFICIAL!!

The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life has received confirmation that we DID set a new Guinness World Record for Most People Blowing the Shofar:

“The largest shofar ensemble involved 1,022 participants at an event organized by The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life in Whippany, New Jersey, United States on 21 September 2014. All participants created the following sounds on their own Shofar the T’Kiyah, Sh’varim and the Tru’ah.”

online.pngClick here to view the Guinness World Record online.

GBWR_Cert.jpgClick here to see the official certificate.

You may wonder, “What took so long?”  Guinness World Records was diligently confirming the numbers calculated by examining a huge box of paperwork shipped from Whippany to the United Kingdom and countless digital files.  The documentation included: continuous video footage of the Shofar blowing, still photography of the event, expert witness statements, and step-by-step review of the counting procedure.  This meant reviewing of the sign-in sheets and numbered bibs with tear-offs to ensure the double counting of each the participants to verify everyone registered entered the area to blow Shofar.


the_great_shofar_blowout_organic_tshirt.jpg GWRCERT.jpgthe_great_shofar_blowout_mugs.jpg 
To order shirts and other merchandise commemorating your amazing feat, please visit (A portion of the purchase price comes back to support the work of The Partnership.)

Participants may order an official Guinness World Record certificate with their name on it, please e-mail to receive the secret code. 

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Thank You for Making Ignite The Light 2015 a Success

Ingnite_177.jpgOn Monday evening, June 8, The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life held its annual event, IGNITE THE LIGHT.  More than 150 people came out to honor Dan and Alia and the work of The Partnership.  This annual event raised over $82,000 to help The Partnership Bring Jewish Learning to Life in the Greater MetroWest community through great programs like PJ Library, One Happy Camper NJ and Iris Teen Tzedakah. The Partnership is the only organization in our community with a mission to nurture the Jewish identity development of children, pre-teens and teens no matter where they live, where they may pray, or where they go to school.

This year’s honorees were the amazing couple, Alia and Dan Ramer.  The two support The Partnership in various capacities to Bring Jewish Learning to Life.  For more than five years Alia has worked closely with the selection committee at The Partnership as the “Parent Representative” to choose the winner of the prestigious Hoffman/Grinspoon Award for Excellence in Jewish Education.  Dan Ramer has been a valued Trustee of The Partnership since 2010, offering special insights in finance and teen programming.  Dan brings his passion for the Jewish community and his commitment to leadership from past experiences.

Click here to see photos from the evening.

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Our Part in The Partnership: Meet The Justice League

jl.pngIn order to galvanize Jewish teens in Greater MetroWest to become socially aware, community oriented, and forward thinking through the guidance of Judaism, The Partnership has assembled a force of local teen leaders to become The JTEENGMW Justice League.

The Partnership is empowering this group of six teens to lead the charge in advocating for social justice within a Jewish Service Learning context.

League members will engage in a year-long term of service that is enriched academically, professionally, and spiritually while simultaneously serving as a beacon of Tzedakah/justice for their community by organizing and leading local service events.

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The Partnership strives to create an environment that is accessible for all. If anyone would like to participate but has a challenge that makes it difficult for him/ her to do so, please be in touch with the professional contact who will endeavor to make the necessary accommodations.

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