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Ner Tamid

image001.jpegDid you ever walk into a synagogue in the pitch dark?  If you’ve never done it, and if you’re not afraid of the dark, you should try it once.  No matter how “green” the synagogue is you will see that someone left a light on; it’s called a Ner Tamid, an eternal light.  Its origin may be from a practice begun in the Tabernacle during our desert days as described in this week’s Torah reading, “Fire shall always burn upon the alter; it will not go out.”   No matter how high the electric bill, I don’t think anyone would ever suggest turning that light off, that light that no one even sees most of the time.  Who would want their fingerprints as evidence on an OFF switch that’s been in the ON position for over 3,000 years? 

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One Teen Inspires and Empowers Giving in Another

image0012.jpegWhat is our obligation as Jews to give? Should it be a requirement or a choice? And how does such a requirement affect the value of giving?

When Jamie and Jonathan Ramsfelder, community leaders and the evening’s guest speakers (as well as Iris Teen Tzedakah parents), posed these questions to Iris Teen Tzedakah participants, it wasn’t the first time these questions had been asked. In fact, the Iris Teens have been debating these exact questions for months in the confines of their group and in a more intimate setting.

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What Would Rambam Think About Everyone Using His Ladder?

image0014.jpegThanks to Dawne Bear Novicoff and Adene Sacks who posted their thoughts about the value-added of philanthropic advisors (What Would Rambam Think About I am not such an advisor, but I do believe that making significant investment decisions that impact our future is not a DIY activity.

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