Honoring the Atidim, Who Provide Unrestricted Future Support for The Partnership


We describe Atidim as special people and when we look at each one of you personally, not just as names on a list, but as individuals, and couples and families, we say, “You know what?  These are very special people, indeed.”  Atidim know us; Atidim trust us.  But the most important element of your individual and collective character is your optimism about the future of our Jewish people and the future of our Jewish community.  It is that combination of hope in our future and trust in The Partnership that draws your investment.  And we promise that we will do our best every day to broaden that hope and to deepen that trust.

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It’s an event of cosmic proportions. Literally. The solar and lunar calendars will align as they have not since 1888, with Thanksgiving coming out on Hanukkah. No need to file away the turkey stuffed with latkes recipe because the next time you’ll need it will be in about 79,000 years. So pretty much, never.

Hanukkah, observed about 1,800 times before the first Thanksgiving, celebrates the victorious conclusion of a war which allowed the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem and the public rededication of the Jewish people to God after years when such open devotion was crushed.  

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A Tale of Two Trees

trees.jpgAlthough we began reading the Torah anew this past Shabbat, I want to talk about how it ended. We’ve been reading from this scroll all year long.  It takes the better part of an hour to review each and every installment each and every week, yet when we come to the very end of the whole thing, it’s lost in a blur of excitement and children and singing and dancing and maybe a drink or two.  In the celebration we call Simchat Torah, Rejoicing with the Torah, the ending to which we had been building for a year comes and goes rather quickly.  And without the slightest pause for reflection, we rewind and start the story again.

So I want to talk not about how it all began, but about how it ended. 

Or rather – how it did not end.

Because if we were to unroll the Torah scroll and look at its story, this is what we would see.

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